Kids’ gymnastics

A young child between the ages of 1 and 6 years develops in a holistic manner, so in order to nurture the child’s mental skills, movement must be an integral part. Only children who achieve physical confidence through gymnastics can also grow in their self-confidence. Sports and music help to create a better synaptic connection between both halves of the brain, enabling the child’s musculature and organs to develop well.

That is why we attach as much value to physical education - kids’ gymnastics – as to play – educational learning of music and languages.

Once a week we take the children to a sports centre where we use the hall for gymnastics. If the weather is good our gymnastics lessons might be held on the sports field outdoors.

The child learns playfully to integrate into group activities and to put the rules of a game into practice.

And children that can coordinate their movements well are less at risk of injuring themselves.


From January to June we take the children to an external swimming course once a week.

The objective of this course is to learn to swim without swimming aids and to help the children overcome their fear of water in a playful way.

At the end the children have the opportunity to obtain their first German swimming award, the ”Seepferdchen“.

Should your child already be able to swim they can still attend the course and learn more advanced swimming skills.